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Other Security Guard Services Offered

Uniformed Security

Our trained and qualified security guards will secure your premises and personnel by patrolling your property, inspecting buildings and equipment, permitting entry, and monitoring.

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Uniformed Security Guards

Mobile Security

 The purpose of patrolling is to provide public safety by maintaining order. Our patrol guards have specialty training and are equipped with highly visible marked patrol vehicles.

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Mobile Security Guards

Commercial Security

We provide specialized commercial property security services for corporate buildings, office towers, research and manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

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Commercial Security Guards

Residential Security

Our fully marked and uniformed security guards greatly deter vandalism and property damage.

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Residential Security Guards

Concierge Security

 Our concierge team is fully licensed security officers capable of conducting daily tasks and a wealth of hospitality services that residents truly value.

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Concierge Security Guards

Construction Security

Our team ensures your construction site is protected around the clock, which is vital to any project’s success.

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Construction Security Guards

Crowd Control

Crowd control has taken on a new measure with a limited number of people allowed in venues, all the way to temperature checks.  Our staff has upgraded their skills to meet these current demands.

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Crowd Control Security

Fire Watch

 Rigid Security provides vital expertise for developing commercial and industrial fire safety programs. We provide fire watch security for fire departments, commercial enterprises, construction, and remote work sites.

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Fire Watch Security Guards